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"Thank you for a wonderful presentation. You were a big hit! You made us laugh, feel good and have a great time." ~Robin Bennet - American Heart AssociationDru Bookout - A Motivational Speaker

"You were a big hit! The team gave you rave reviews. Everyone thought you were very funny." ~Public Relations Officer, Kimberly-Clark

"I appreciate the time you took to familiarize yourself with Datatel and to connect with employees on a personal level during and after your presentation. It is obvious you practice what you teach. We'll be working hard at playing this year and when we feel the need to loosen the leash and lighten up, we'll remember your words." ~Russ Griffith, President & CEO, Datatel

"She was the very, very best of the entire series ... have her back as often as she'll come ... she's just terrific...I'm using some of her ideas already - please invite her back... A lot of fun... I really needed this...I laughed so hard. Can't remember when I've done that much laughing in one session. Great program... lifted my spirit." ~Richland College Emeritus Program

"Especially LOVED the afternoon speaker (Dru) she was so funny and full of energy I don't think anyone would have thought of nodding off." ~Bank Executive

"It was such a treat to hear someone who was genuinely funny and who also had the research to back up what she said." ~Professor, San Antonio Community College

"Thank you for a wonderful presentation. No one was watching their watches at 4:30 p.m. like I have seen them do in so many other similar situations. Thank you for kicking off our spring semester." ~College Dean

Dru Bookout - A Motivational Speaker

"Just today a person who is not know to be 'overly positive' yelled at me down the hall and thanked me for bringing such a 'fun speaker' to campus. I had noticed that she was the first in the general session to give you a standing ovation." ~Community College Program Director

"People are still talking about that "great speaker" we had at our corporate kickoff! Thank you for such a great job." ~Corporate Officer

"You were a hit! A Smash! Fantastic!" ~Mary Osentowski, Altrusa International