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"There's no one else quite like Dru."

Wondering why?

How can Dru to make our event successful?

Dru's keynotes are a great way to kickoff or close your event. She will energize your group and motivate them to make positive changes that spur creativity, promote productivity and enhance relationships. Dru's presentations also are wonderful breakout sessions or spouse programs.

Will the speech Dru delivers to our group look and sound exactly like the one she delivers elsewhere?

Dru brings rich content, humor and enthusiasm in each speech she presents. However, her number one priority is to personalize her message to meet the needs of YOUR audience. She works closely with you to tailor the message to meet your objectives and fit your conference theme. Prior to your event, Dru will ask questions and gather information about your organization, your objectives and the audience in order make sure you have a fantastic program.

What is unique about Dru Bookout?

Dru is a teacher who speaks and a speaker who can teach. She teaches public speaking and knows what makes a great speech and a terrific speaker! She draws from a solid base of information that includes current research and case studies. She knows the challenges of listening so she makes sure her presentation captures your attention and keeps you involved. Dru is down to earth and fully authentic. You will connect with her sense of humor and personal stories. There's no one else quite like her!

How can I find out about fees and availability?

Call Dallas, 214-280-6171
Fax: 972-529-6349
Email: dru@drubookout.com