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Work Like Your Dog: Life Lessons from Man's Best Friend

Dru invites you loosen your leash and lighten up! Learn how to lick difficult challenges, be more productive, take pleasure from tasks previously dreaded, reduce your level of stress and recharge your creative side. Lots of audience interaction.


A great keynote kick-off or extended to a 1/2 day playshop.


Just a little off the Top! Tips for Effective Communication

Your satisfaction in life depends how well you can communicate. Poor communication results in bad haircuts, broken relationships, and lost profits. Learn the essential skills for communication with confidence in this info-taining presentation.


Keynote or breakout session with lots of substance.


Squirrels in the Microwave?

Life happens in ways we never expect. Dru shows that humor is the best antidote for stress. This presentation is filled with current information about humor as a tool for balanced and healthy living.


This entertaining keynote is sure to keep the audience fully engaged.


RX: Laugh Daily and Welcome the Side Effects

Discover why humor is essential for good health. Learn techniques for finding joy in all situations. This entertaining presentation informs, inspires, and feels good!


A great keynote to set a positive tone for your organization.


Are you the Spam in the Sandwich Generation?

Caring for children and elderly parents is challenging. Dru's experience of living in a multigenerational household will inspire your audience. Learn how to live together without getting totally squashed in between.


Keynote or breakout session